Tanyard Fisheries Site Map


Tanyard Fisheries Site Map

Coarse lakes

Coarse pool 1

The smallest on the complex at only 1/3 of an acre this pool has a prominent stocking of Crucians, Tench, Roach and Rudd.

A good spot for Crucian hunters and novices.

Coarse lake 2

This lake is set with a central island and sunken tree holding carp to 23lb and there are a good head of 4lb - 12lb Carp Bream to 8lb and Tench to 7lb plus some Roach and Rudd to 1lb. There are Catfish to 15lb and a mixture of Koi, Ghost and Grass Carp.

Coarse lake 3

Is a similar stocking to Course Lake 2 with a slightly bigger head of silver fish, the Carp run to 23lb and the Bream and Tench run to 8lb and with a larger head in size. The Roach and Rudd go to 2lb and the Perch run to 3lb and Crucian Carp run to 3lb. Catfish go to 15lb.

This is very much a feature pool with a good variation in depth.


Specimen lakes

Specimen lake 1

This is one of Tanyard Fisheries three specimen lakes. All have their own character Specimen 1 is ideal for stalking and close in feature fishing. The Carp run to 30lb+ and with some cracking fully scaled mirrors. There is a very good chance of a 20lb Carp here with a good head also ranging from 13lb to upper teens. This lake is also our Pike water with the biggest pushing 25lb and is great predator lake when their on the feed.

Specimen lake 2

The smallest of all 3-specimen lakes with a select amount of larger Carp to 38lb. A big hit among the serious Carp angler, as this lake is known to produce 30lb+ Carp, with a good head of upper 20’s backing them up. A challenging lake with great rewards.

Specimen lake 3

The largest of the 3 specimen lakes and with good reason - with catfish to 70lb+, which if hooked you will make use of the lake in giving you a fight to remember! The Carp go to 34lb plus in which multiple catches can be common occurrences. If you can get them feeding.


Carp free lake

Carp free lake

This lake is a little gem with some cracking specimen beneath its water. The Bream and Tench run to 8lb and the Perch have been landed to 4lb+. The Roach and Rudd have grown to an impressive 2lb and Goldfish run to 6lb. The Koi run to 10lb.

Ticket Prices

    Day Fishing Tickets

    All tickets are Per Person No Concessions or Refunds
    1 Rod - £10
    2 Rods - £15
    3 Rods - £20
    3 Rods maximum per angler No booking required

    Night Fishing Tickets

    Arrival between 7am - 7pm on 1st day until 7pm the following evening (36hrs). Time and price are fixed.
    2 Days & 1 Night (36hrs) - £30
    Price is for 1 or 2 Rods
    Overnight guests pay
    same as ticket price -
    no exceptions
    3 Rods maximum per angler No children under 6 years overnight No booking required

    Extra Night Rates

    All prices are for 1 or 2 Rods - 3rd Rods are an additional £5 per day

    3 Days & 2 Nights - £45
    4 Days & 3 Nights - £60
    5 Days & 4 Nights - £75
    6 Days & 5 Nights - £90
    7 Days & 6 Nights- £105

    Please feel free to call us
    for a quote if you are unsure
    3 Rods maximum per angler No booking required
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    Angler Reviews

    • This is the best day ticket water I have ever been too in 50 years of fishing.
      Tony Himsworth
    • Thanks for letting us fish on your stunning fishery Wednesday night .was a real shame about the weather ..we will definitely be back .regards John
      John James
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