Tanyard Fisheries Rules

Entry to Tanyard Fisheries is conditional on acceptance of the rules governing the site. Anglers and guests failing to comply with Tanyard Fisheries rules may be asked to leave the site immediately.

Site Rules



  • 01 No Dogs (even in cars)
  • 02 No Caravans
  • 03 No Fires
  • 04 No Ground level BBQs
  • 05 No Wading in any lakes for ANY reason
  • 06 If using a Receiver you should be no more than 10 paces from your rods at any time
  • 07 No Refunds or Concessions
  • 08 Children must be supervised at all times
  • 09 Anyone not adhering to these rules will cease session and told to leave immediately
  • 10 No responsiblity will be accepted for any accident to person or property
  • No entry before 7am and after 7pm

Coarse Lake Rules

  • 01 Regular tackle inspections will be carried out by Manager/Bailiff at his discretion
  • 02 Ticket holders only overnight
  • 03 Strictly barbless hooks only
  • 04 Landing nets compulsory
  • 05 No leaving rods with other ticket holders or guests, No leaving rods unattended (distance from rods no more than 10 paces)
  • 06 No rod sharing (Adults/Children)
  • 07 No keep nets or sacking
  • 08 All fish must be returned to the water ASAP - Strictly No Standing Holding Fish
  • 09 No fixed leads
  • 10 No nuts of any kind, No leadcore, No mainline braid
  • 11 3 Rods maximum per angler


Specimen Lake Rules

  • (All coarse pool / site rules apply)
  • 01 Regular tackle inspections will be carried out by Manager/Bailiff at his discretion
  • 02 Ticket holders only overnight
  • 03 45" x 25" or Larger Beanie Unhooking Mat or Cradles are compulsory 
  • 04 Minimum 42” landing net. Strictly NO Pan Nets Allowed 
  • 05 Strictly maximum two anglers only allowed to share Net and Unhooking Mat fishing side by side
  • 06 Any angler stalking must have correct Mat and Net with them at all times
  • 07 Minimum 15lb line
  • 08 No Wires or Trebles for Catfish Semi Barb hooks only for Pike
  • 09 3 Rods maximum per angler
  • 10 Pike fishing - dead bait, lures and spinners permitted only
  • 11 No nuts of any kind, No leadcore, Mainline Braid can be used on Specimen Lake 3 for the Catfish

Ticket Prices

    Day Fishing Tickets

    All tickets are Per Person No Concessions or Refunds
    1 Rod - £10
    2 Rods - £15
    3 Rods - £20
    3 Rods maximum per angler No booking required

    Night Fishing Tickets

    Arrival between 7am - 7pm on 1st day until 7pm the following evening (36hrs). Time and price are fixed.
    2 Days & 1 Night (36hrs) - £30
    Price is for 1 or 2 Rods
    Overnight guests pay
    same as ticket price -
    no exceptions
    3 Rods maximum per angler No children under 6 years overnight No booking required

    Extra Night Rates

    All prices are for 1 or 2 Rods - 3rd Rods are an additional £5 per day

    3 Days & 2 Nights - £45
    4 Days & 3 Nights - £60
    5 Days & 4 Nights - £75
    6 Days & 5 Nights - £90
    7 Days & 6 Nights- £105

    Please feel free to call us
    for a quote if you are unsure
    3 Rods maximum per angler No booking required
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    Angler Reviews

    • This is the best day ticket water I have ever been too in 50 years of fishing.
      Tony Himsworth
    • Thanks for letting us fish on your stunning fishery Wednesday night .was a real shame about the weather ..we will definitely be back .regards John
      John James
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